CFC Sri Lanka has a history of about 13 years in Sri Lanka. It was first started with about 20 families in Vidathaltheevu (old coastal village in Mannar district) who were come from India as beleivers. When we were in India Sis.D.Jeyaseeli was touched by Jesus through her healing were in a prayer meeting conducted by Berchmans. Sooner she tried to publicide the real spritual God she had known when others (relations) were going to Catholic church in Manamadhurai where we lived as refugees. Then God annointed us one by one and sooner we beleived the real God and started going to Berchmans' 'Jebathottam' on Wednesdays.

In few months brothers from Christian Fellowship Church of India met us and found us week in our spritual condition. They taught us the secretes in bible and made us became as Church Fellowship.

In 1995 we had planned to come to our country back. And in few days we came to Sri Lanka as beleivers of about 20 families from the same village (Vidathaltheevu) natives. In year 1999 there held a displacement of our beleivers cause of the internal ethnic war. After that our church was functioned in two areas, one in Pesalai and another in Vidathaltheevu. Few months later the most of the beleivers lived in Pesalai refugee camp had shifted thier residence to Mannar town. Sooner the worship started in Mannar town in a house. Then in 2007 December with God's grace we were able to built a worship hall at Mannar town by all our beleivers' hard work & prayers. Although our churches are running in Vidathalthivu, Jaffna and recently in Colombo. God join beleivers time to time. Everyone in our church grows in fellowship and runs hard the spritual race to reach the goal.

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